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Sorry We are NOT Accepting any more Guest Posts

Why not? Please note that we have moved from March 2017 to

We are accepting any offers for guest blogging to publish articles based on subjects related to art – This covers a wide spectrum including digital art, concepts, CGI, design, body art, illustration, comic books, the traditional arts, photo manipulations, video games, music, animation and motion picture etc, so we would be happy for you to share your ideas. Please see terms.


In Return

  • You can create your own biography which is displayed on each post that is published and is also displayed on a unique author page displaying all your posts.
  • You can link your sites for personal, work, social media such as Twitter profiles or Facebook Pages and generate traffic from Digital Art Mix. Please make sure you get permission to use any images that may be copyrighted.
  • Currently we are unable to offer any financial payment for guest posts, but you can write as many articles as you wish and become a member of our team.